Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chivalry isn't just dead...its deeply buried!!

I was at my OB's office today for a checkup and as the waiting room began to fill up, I couldn't help to watch the people there in the office. There were a couple of couples, one family and several pregnant ladies. Needless to say, there wasn't a seat to be had within a few minutes. Two different couples walked in about 15 minutes apart from each other. Both of the women were visibly pregnant. Do you know that not a single one of the men in that room offered them a seat? I was so offended!!

A couple of months back, the husband and I went to see Tom Petty (insert HUGE cheesy grin here). We had to ride a shuttle from the parking lot to the actual venue. On the way back, I guess they were too lazy to actually count the number of people that boarded the bus, and the mister and I ended up standing. At the time, I was about two minutes pregnant, so you couldn't look at me and tell that I was pregnant, but that is beside the point. We passed several rows of men and once again, not a one of them offered their seats to me or any of the other ladies that were standing. Wow!!

It makes my heart feel good to know that if that was my husband in either of those situations, he would have gladly given up his seat. I guess I just don't understand what has happened that has made people change so much?!? It makes me very sad...

What are y'all's thoughts??